Do you want the benefits of a larger rear sprocket without compromising your street riding? 

What if you could change the final drive ratio of your sport bike so you can ride it to the lot and pull a perfect circle wheelie or run through all  the gears in the quarter mile and then ride it home without the hassle of having to swap your chain, rear wheel and sprocket or load your bike and spare parts into a truck or trailer?


Well, now you can…

The Dual Ratio Sprocket (D.R.S)

After years of street and stunt riding, consensus amongst our friends and riders everywhere was that, short of a wheelie button, the top item on wish lists was a component that would give the ability to switch from street to stunt gearing without all the hassle of changing wheels, chains and sprockets. The D.R.S. is the realization of that idea. Now, a rider can be killing it at the lot or chasing ET times at a local track and ride to and from the destination with an easy to use and affordable bolt on.

Stunt riders often run a very large rear sprocket which allows them to wheelie more easily and have more throttle response to perform slow, controlled stunts without worrying about stalling the engine. These huge sprockets limit the top speed of the bike so much that it becomes practically useless for any other type of riding, forcing riders to haul their bikes everywhere in a truck or on a trailer. Let’s face it, riding at thirteen thousand RPM on the street or highway is no fun for a rider and absolute torture for an engine.

And if you’re a drag racer you know that most bikes with stock gearing won’t even get out of fourth gear in the quarter mile and that if you want to get maximum acceleration, running your bike through all of it’s gears, you’re going to need a bigger rear sprocket.

The D.R.S. system gives you the ability to switch from a tall, stock gearing ratio (small rear sprocket) to a lower, customizable gear ratio (large rear sprocket) and back again without wasting time and without the need for spare parts and tools. What rider doesn’t want to spend more time playing and less time wrenching?

Once installed, the D.R.S. system provides the means to change a bike’s capabilities very quickly. Switching from street to stunt/race gearing will only take about two minutes.

Now you can ride your bike to the local stunt lot or drag strip with the D.R.S. in street mode and once there, easily switch to ‘R’ mode which allows you to enjoy your stunt session or faster acceleration down the drag strip. Then, when it’s time to leave, just set the D.R.S. back into “S” mode for the ride home. One bike, two functions and no van, trailer, tools or time investment necessary!

The D.R.S. system replaces the factory ‘cush drive’ located in the rear wheel of your bike and comes with all the necessary hardware. It is a bolt on system and installation is not complicated. No permanent modifications are made to your bike as the D.R.S. can be removed and the stock parts reinstalled at any time.

You want one bike to do it all? Now you can have it! The D.R.S. is just like having two different sized sprockets with you everywhere you go. All you need to do to choose between your two favorite gear ratios upon ordering and change the location of four pins using a single tool supplied to you with your D.R.S. And that’s it!

Stunters, weekend warrior track hacks and drag racers rejoice!!